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[audio]Marco Mestichella - Mixtape - Marco Mestichella
01-I Should Have Stayed At Home Tonight(4:28)02-Fragments Of Light(4:36)03-Treason(4:15)04-Mi Avvicino A Te(4:09)05-Fragments Of Light (Sam Ewans Remix)(5:41)
Keywords: [Picpack]; retro pop; soft rock; trip hop; jazz
Downloads: 181
[audio]Antony Deep & Mixta Sonitus - Time Illusion - Antony Deep & Mixta Sonitus
01-Antony Deep & Mixta Sonitus - Time Illusion(3:32)02-Antony Deep & Mixta Sonitus - Night Cycle(3:05)
Keywords: [Picpack]; electronica; experimental; ambient
Downloads: 1,084
[audio]Outsider Leisure - Едоки Собачьих Хвостов - Outsider Leisure
01-Ванильный Трип-Хоп(2:00)02-Orevuar Big Brother(3:24)03-Living Like An Animal(2:00)04-Внутриутробный Быт(2:44)05-Едоки Собачьих Хвостов(4:48)06-Жопа(1:36)07-Завтра Будет Конец Света(2:12)08-Как Ток(2:40)09-Папа Знает(2:36)10-Рупор Свободы Блевал Нас Вон(2:24)11-Рыбы Молчат(1:44)12-Так Себе Человек(1:52)13-Ты Говоришь, Что Я Говно(3:28)
Keywords: [Picpack]; experimental; idm; punk; abstract; electronic; lo-fi; rock & roll
Downloads: 139
[audio]Syd-e - Nirvana Bleach - Syd-e
Keywords: [Picpack]; experimental; abstract; lo-fi; sound art; techno
Downloads: 84
[audio]Wolfgrowl - Diligent Dreamer
01-Progessive Dream(5:19)02-Lucid Dream(4:37)03-Recurring Dream(4:21)04-Daydream(5:25)05-Precognitive Dream(3:21)06-False Awakening Dream(2:55)
Keywords: [Picpack]; electronic; idm; ambient; cinematic; downtempo
Downloads: 279
[audio]Mr.Dee - Zoo Remix Session 2 - Mr.Dee
01-Mr.Dee - Zoo(Monsieur Lunatique Remix)(8:05)02-Mr.Dee - Zoo(DJ Estio Remix)(7:56)03-Mr.Dee - Zoo(Stylus Remix)(9:43)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; minimal; techno
Downloads: 1,701
[audio]Nobody's Nail Machine-Fallout of Nevada OST - Nobody's Nail Machine
All fans of the first two Fallout'ov have a reason to remember the good old days - perhaps the best complement a fan - «Fallout of Nevada». And with it the soundtrack of the Nobody's Nail Machine in the best tradition of Mark Morgan. http://fallout-nevada.ucoz.ru/ http://vkontakte.ru/club22852108 http://www.dendyizgetto.ru/2011/04/fallout-novoe-dopolnenie.html 01-Fallout of Nevada Main Theme(4:11) 02-Introduction(3:00) 03-New Vegas(2:57) 04-Ride to Cheyenne(3:00) 05-High Wind(2:04) 06-Impr...
Keywords: [PICPACK]; dark ambient; industrial; computer games
Downloads: 2,102
[audio]Bloody Romero - Jazzzzz - Bloody Romero
01-Jazzzzz(4:15)02-Intelligence = Madness(3:04)03-Rise Up(4:29)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; electronic; drum and bass; jazz
Downloads: 631 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Mechanical Mass-Desintegration of Persistance - The Mechanical Mass
01-Follow the space renovation(3:03)02-Illuminate(3:40)03-Millennium(4:34)04-Embraced(2:54)05-The next door is 473(3:11)06-Oblivion(2:06)
Keywords: [Picpack]; Avant-garde; Experimental; IDM; Mathcore
Downloads: 443
[audio]Farishta & Arika Lane - The Tree - Farishta & Arika Lane
01-Farishta & ArikaLane - The Tree (Outey fixed)(6:30)02-Farishta & ArikaLane - The Tree (Chillout version)(4:59)03-Farishta & ArikaLane - The Tree (Minimal radio Edit)(3:41)04-Farishta & ArikaLane - The Tree (Original mix)(3:46)
Keywords: [Picpac]; electronica; techno; minimal; chillout
Downloads: 309
[audio]Anthony Carex - Serenity - Anthony Carex
01-Flying Through The Universe(4:20)02-If We Were Together(6:30)03-Left My Heart(4:15)04-Light&Weight(3:41)05-Monday(4:17)06-Moon Cat(5:01)07-Phantom(6:07)
Keywords: [Picpack]; idm; ambient; techno; electronica; experimental
Downloads: 425
[audio]Longman-Guff!!! - Longman
01. Mirror Lady02. The Theory Of Improbability03. Guff04. Interesting Zoology05. Etude For Natalie06. Crystal Your Tears07. Entrance To Outsiders08. Journey To Ixtlan09. Tail Of The Comet10. Down The Rabbit Hole11. My Lost Illusion
Keywords: [PICPACK]; trip-hop; jazz; krautrock
Downloads: 358
[audio]Zhukhevich - Without Future - Zhukhevich
Zhukhevich - Without Future
Keywords: [Picpack]; dubstep
Downloads: 177
[audio]Shining Trapezohedron - Lila - Shining Trapezohedron
01-I(0:51)02-Walford(2:43)03-Xaprox(8:40)04-Elasticc(3:21)05-Vunt(1:45)06-Karambola(3:08)07-Sci Atta(2:04)08-Plazma 1(0:50)09-Ennui(2:36)10-Beyond Hypocrisy(6:40)11-Slopp(3:07)12-Plazma 2(0:36)13-Macaco(10:12)14-Emicr(2:52)15-O(0:17)
Keywords: [Picpack]; idm; experimental; glitch; techno
Downloads: 461
[audio]Mixta Sonitus - Lifefactory - Mixta Sonitus
Keywords: [Picpack]; techno; glitch; experimental
Downloads: 297
[audio]Palsekam-Fractal Fequency - Palsekam
01 -Zola-f(3:11) 02 -Globe You Heed(4:51) 03 -Aloe(4:39) 04 -Kill Rfid(4:37) 05 -Mirraball(2:44) 06 -Poloeyomi(5:04) 07 -Salat Soul(4:06)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; idm; glitch; ambient
Downloads: 655
[audio]Pro Chelovek-Octbr - Pro Chelovek
01-Part I(5:18) 02-Part II(2:08) 03-Part III(3:42) 04-Part IV(5:28) 05-Part V(2:21) 06-Part VI(3:16) 07-Part VII(1:44)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; noise; bass; guitar; dark ambient
Downloads: 453
[audio]Nearfield - Human Error - Nearfield
01-Gloom(3:19)02-Alone(4:31)03-Unknow Error(3:39)04-Doubt(3:17)
Keywords: Picpack]; idm; ambient; electronic
Downloads: 458
[audio]PK Jazz Collective-Just Unsorted - PK Jazz Collective
01 -yet another cosmic jazz(4:48) 02 -crazy oldman talks witn jupiter(4:17) 03 -ethnic jazz(3:20) 04 -a little improvisation influenced by french news of jim morrisons death(3:31) 05 -inspired by gotye(4:16) 06 -brushes(3:41) 07 -indian trip(3:19) 08 -sadness(2:42) 09 -light lounge(2:13) 10 -to the future(2:44)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; jazz; Improvisation; rock
Downloads: 1,108 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Hum-Home Music - Hum
01-Ambar(3:10)02-Borm(2:53)03-ST(2:03)04-Fe(2:37)05-Duf(2:04)06-Heck(3:58)07-O+P(2:05)08-RA(2:55)09-Repey(1:33)10-ST ama(2:05)11-Temn(4:11)
Keywords: [Picpack]; electronic; experimental; idm; ambient
Downloads: 527
[audio]Alex Duko-From Dreamer to Dreamfinder - Alex Duko
01 -Her Last Remnant(5:34) 02 -Our Dreams(6:00) 03 -Our Dreams (Glitch reWork)6:00) 04 -Memento Mori(3:26) 05 -Memorial To The Apprentice(5:50)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; ambient; experimental
Downloads: 668
[audio]Art Electronix - Clue - Art Electronix
01-Tribe(5:12)02-City Cycle(3:29)03-Empty Space(4:38)04-The Hidden Time(3:36)05-The Coating(3:03)06-Royal Club Calling(3:04)07-Metro(8:28)08-Per Se(6:08)
Keywords: [Picpack]; techno; minimal; experimental
Downloads: 226
[audio]Foundation Quartet - Chronicles - Foundation Quartet
Keywords: [Picpack]; free jazz; experimental; improvisation
Downloads: 430
[audio]The Fucked Up Beat-Apparatus for Controlling the Mechanism of Floating Vessels - The Fucked Up Beat
01 -apparatus of control(3:39) 02 -trapdoor to escape floods(3:24) 03 -biorhythm (a love letter for anonymous)(3:11) 04 -train whistle forget-me-nots(4:39) 05 -the drought (a blister)(2:35) 06 -repaying a debt(3:43) 07 -a good day for raising ships(3:11) 08 -home movies of the 90's(2:42) 09 -disaster porn. the nihilist myth of collapse(3:39) 10 -the slow death of irony(5:25) 11 -come back to new orleans(4:18)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; electronic; avant-garde; modern classical; piano; sound collage; trip hop
Downloads: 843
[audio]CEDE-Songs For Rumi - CEDE
01-First For Rumi(2:12) 02-The Second For Rumi(4:36) 03-Third Track For Rumi(2:12) 04-An Indication For The Number Four Rumi(5:56) 05-For Whom - For Rumi(5:20) 06-Sixth Track For Rumi(3:46) 07-The Seventh Track For Rumi(4:58) 08-The Eighth Track To Rumi(5:58) 09-Ninth Track For Rumi(5:40) 10-Tenth Afterpiece For Rumi(1:40) 11-For The Eleventh Poem Of Rumi(1:46) 12-Twelfth Ode Rumi(2:48)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental
Downloads: 806
[audio]TwichGarden - Alpha-Omega - TwichGarden
Keywords: [Picpack]; idm; ambient; deep
Downloads: 446
[audio]Longman - Akhenaten's Dream - Longman
01-Millstone Justice(4:34)02-The Expansion Of Consciousness(5:45)03-The Reference Point(4:45)04-Soup Of The Tendons(5:35)05-Vietnamese Dub(6:23)06-Cold Wind Is Moving(5:00)07-The Social Cost Of(6:02)08-Akhenaten's Dream(4:34)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; trip-hop; acid jazz; krautrock; ethnics
Downloads: 944
[audio]Hank Hobson feat My Own Creation-Medical Post (Single) - Hank Hobson
01 -Hank Hobson feat My Own Creation-Medical Post(6:46) 02 -My Own Creation-Slammed Hard Hank Hobson Edit(3:24)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; ambient
Downloads: 534
[audio]Radex-Trip Beats - Radex
01-Welcome(4:27) 02- Littlebit Noisy(3:19) 03- La(4:20) 04-Risng The Atmosphere(5:06) 05-Move Out(5:03) 06-Trip The Beat(5:29) 07-Igonwalls(3:25) 08-Winter(3:19) 09- Lapse(5:29) 10-Insectofobia(4:57)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimentale; abstract; idm
Downloads: 968
[audio]Yrrow-820 - Yrrow
01-Yeah, Like An Illness(2:00) 02-Worry(2:24) 03-Stalk Me(2:46) 04-Would Be Pure Misery(1:28) 05-Looa(2:50) 06-Hit The Seat(0:55) 07-Afx Tribe(1:29) 08-Ins Version 0.1(2:40) 09-KK(2:48)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; idm; glitch; ambient
Downloads: 592
[audio]Yrrow-Maximalist - Yrrow
01-Maximalist(3:14) 02-Pellabo Monk(2:49) 03-Long Long Long(1:25) 04-Day(1:26) 05-Rta2(2:20) 06-Bat Song For Men(5:32) 07-Terrible Joke(3:00) 08-Rachat Bybych (feat. King Imagine)(4:00)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; ambient; glitch; minimalism
Downloads: 649
[audio]Alex Duko - Empty Spaces - Alex Duko
01-Empty Spaces(6:53)02-Because We Are(5:25)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; Drum 'n' Bass
Downloads: 318
[audio]Hum-Aera - Hum
01-Gress(0:54) 02-Krokovoz(2:17) 03-Aera(2:46) 04-55(3:44) 05-H2Q(4:20) 06-Orange(2:37) 07-Tm(4:57) 08-3(4:15) 09-Gress 2(1:47)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; ambient; idm
Downloads: 575
[audio]Nearfield-G5 - Nearfield

Keywords: [PICPACK]; ambient; idm
Downloads: 524
[audio]Nearfield-Melt - Nearfield
01 -Melancholy(6:22) 02 -New Evolutioon(6:21) 03 -Hangar 18(6:07) 04 -Biosphera(6:02) 05 -Equilibrium(6:18) 06 -Epoch(6:35) 07 -Calamity(6:13) 08 -Dissolved Girl(5:37)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; idm; ambient; electronic
Downloads: 819
[audio]Bloody Romero - I Remember the Rain - Bloody Romero
01-Get Up! Get Up!(1:53) 02-SIN Exctua(3:24) 03-I Remember the Rain(3:13)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; idm; electronic
Downloads: 906
[audio]7Vortex-Leave in Past - 7Vortex
01-Rainechoe(5:10) 02-Caterpillar(3:52) 03-Disabler(5:51) 04-Hydra(5:01) 05-Locust(6:29) 06-Drops(5:40)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimentale; abstract; idm
Downloads: 765
[audio]D-Noise-Leaves Are Falling - D-Noise
01-Deeper(4:45)02-Leaves Are Falling(3:59)
Keywords: [Picpack]; drum and bass; dubstep; electronic
Downloads: 264
[audio]Nearfield -TEN - Nearfield
01 -x3d5 - Time Disbalance (remix By Nearfield)(3:46) 02 -Nearfield - I Bio Robot(2:02) 03 -Nearfield - Launcher (Finn Tech Unison Mix)(5:14) 04 -Askaira Indishle - Norilsk north sweeps (space mix by Nearfield)(5:54) 05 -Nearfield - Little Story(4:10) 06 -RecFrag - Membrane (remix by Nearfield)(3:44) 07 -Nearfield - UFO (Andrew Clam Source RMX)(4:58) 08 -Nearfield - (Untitled)(5:42) 09 -Little Killaz Prezent - Mogilev Street (remix By Nearfield)(5:06) 10 -Nearfield - People Ends(2:20)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; idm; glitch; ambient; techno
Downloads: 1,221
[audio]Mr.Dee - D5 - Mr.Dee
01-D5-1(6:29) 02-D5-2(5:15) 03-D5-3(5:37)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; techno; minimal
Downloads: 830
[audio]Mr.Dee - D4 - Mr.Dee
01-D4-1(5:57) 02-D4-1(5:06) 03-D4-1(4:57)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; Minimal-techno
Downloads: 1,351
[audio]TwichGarden-Spectra - TwichGarden
Keywords: [Picpack]; idm; ectronic; experimental
Downloads: 413
[audio]Longman - Split Personality - Longman
01 - Domestic Violence (4:50) 02 - Gravity Material(4:31) 03 - The Glass Bead Game(4:47) 04 - Split Personality(4:22)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; jazz; trip-hop
Downloads: 34,257
[audio]Sun-Inside-Five Steps - Sun-Inside
01-Symbiosis(8:16)02-Spiral(5:32)03-Sport&Music-Red(Sun-Inside Remix)(7:55)04-Rite Of Spring(6:46)05-Dreams Of Dreams(5:31)06-Boogie Boogie(6:01)07-The Soul Of The Sun(6:00)08-The Bottom Surface(4:40)09-Multiculturalism(5:55)10-Legends(4:03)11-My World(5:44)12-Five Steps(6:43)
Keywords: [Picpack]; electronic; idm; glitch; abstract; experimental
Downloads: 497
[audio]Knolios - Amorous - Knolios
01-The Too Shall Pass(6:32)02-Light Ray(5:54)03-Melancholy(6:14)04-Amorous(6:14)
Keywords: [Picpack]; Dub Techno; Deep Techno
Downloads: 504
[audio]Rmine - Panopticon - Rmine
01-John The Revelator (Son House chillout remix)(3:16) 02-Panopticon(4:14) 03-Crimea River(4:27) 04-Mayim(2:47) 05-Danish Wharf (Deep Techno Mix)(5:39)
Keywords: [Picpack]; chillout; electronic; downtempo; experimental; deep techno
Downloads: 441
[audio]GRENADE SURROUND Experience-Koshachya Muzyka - GRENADE SURROUND Experience
01-Vstuplenie(6:09) 02-Nirvana(5:30) 03-So Skorost'yu Mira(5:29) 04-V Vys(4:42) 05-Vozvraschenie(4:20) 06-Nevesomost(8:03)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; improvisation
Downloads: 523
[audio]The Electric Poet-Hell Bound - The Electric Poet
01-A Little Piece of Truth(2:10)02-Hell Bound(5:03)03-How's Your Joint(8:29)04-Field Nigger(2:06)05-Untitled(11:02)
Keywords: [Picpack]; experimental; electronic; acoustic
Downloads: 427
[audio]Wolfgrowl - Exitus/Reditum - Wolfgrowl
01-Exitus(4:49)02-Sailing(5:52)03-Question(5:29)04-Rock the Boat(4:42)05-Push and Pull(4:45)06-Habitual Relapse(3:52)07-Are We There Yet?(5:29)08-Land, ho!(3:52)09-Morning Sun(5:51)10-Reditum(4:22)
Keywords: [Picpack]; experimenta; dub; techno; electronic
Downloads: 339
[audio]Erkin White - 1-2-3 - Erkin White
01-Intro 1-2-3(1:50) 02-This is England(3:53) 03-Trainspotting(3:23) 04-Green Street Hooligans(3:20)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; uk garage; 2 step; post-dubstep; future garage
Downloads: 584
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